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MensagemAssunto: Junsu lesionsa-se   Junsu lesionsa-se Icon_minitimeTer Maio 05, 2009 12:14 pm

Esta foi a noticia q li:

Today the tour started, Junsu, you must get well soon! We went to the venue, and they explained what had happened.

Junsu’s performance today was fine, just sitting there and standing up at the end, a bit unstable; maybe because he injured one leg.

Maybe because today is the first performance, the five of them were nervous. There was a part where they went on the wrong stages, eg. the rising stage in front of Jaejoong had already began to move, and by the time he realised it he had to climb onto the platform. Yunho also forgot his spot, while Yoochun and Jaejoong moved to their own places and he [Yunho] thought that they were going back to the front, only to see Changmin and finding it weird for him to stand on the far left, and then he remembered that he was supposed to be at the far right and quickly ran over there…

The talk today was mostly made up of the cold ’soy-sauce’ jokes…

The ending song was Bolero.

Aki fica outra:

Fans are weeping over an incident that happened to TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's Xiah Junsu before their 4th Live Tour 2009 "The Secret Code" concert in Kobe, Japan on May 4th. During the rehearsals two days prior to the actual tour, charming member Xiah Junsu injured his leg pretty badly to the point where he could no longer walk. When fans heard about Junsu's accident, they became worried for him as well as the whole group.

They expressed their concern about how TVXQ needs all five members to bring their performances truly to perfection. Many fans were heartbroken that they would not be able to see Junsu perform with the rest of the members that night. But of course, the show must go on...
as a result the members pushed Junsu out in a wheel chair. For obvious reasons, he did not dance along with the others but he did performed all the songs in the wheelchair alongside with the other members.

Parece que o Xiah se magou e teve q actuar numa cadeira de rodas.... aki fica o video... realmente triste. Tadinho